Product - Quality - Content - Process

While this project is in it's earliest stage, an important decision was made in terms of how to go about it. Our options were:


A. Hold off posting anything until we had all the pieces in place, the ideal equipment to use, the best editing ability at our disposal, and the resources to make the final product look like we envisioned.  




B. Start posting from the beginning and allow anyone with an interest to observe the process from start to finish.


We chose the latter. Our belief is that the process is every bit as fascinating as the product. That is our basis for The Sports Core. 


The quality will improve. Our product will become more polished. This content aims to be interesting, entertaining, and thought provoking. But the process will determine everything.


Life doesn't hand us finished products like we envision them. Everything in life is a process. We invite you into this one. Welcome!